Joanne Russell

Joanne Russell

Joanne Russell is a Growth Group Pastor at North Coast Church. She’s the founder of REAL Women, a women’s ministry designed to promote spiritual and personal growth through meaningful relationships, and the study of God’s Word.  At her core, Joanne considers herself an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life in Christ.

Joanne lives near San Diego with her husband and three children.

She blogs about life, relationships, healing, freedom and how God is the most essential part of all of it at Connect with Joanne on Facebook.


Uncovering Treasure from Generational Ruins

We have but one life to live on this side of heaven.  The bible tells us our lives will be filled with trials of many kinds.  Those trials do not have to devastate us.  Amidst the ruins of our broken hearts, life’s disappointments and trials are our treasured freedom; a freedom most don’t even know exist.

Freedom from anxiety, fear, worry, and self-doubt; freedom from unresolved pain; freedom from guilt and freedom from shame; The question is, how do we obtain this freedom that is available to us and how might our freedom impact the next generation?  Join me and identify six consecutive steps based on scripture that will result in life-giving freedom.